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educator, mentor
speech & language therapist
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From making breakfast to imaginative play, life is full of little problems to solve and things to talk about. That's why I created THINK TALK & LEARN, so parents and professionals see the potential of everyday life for language and learning. When we talk to children as creative problem solvers, they learn more language. And children who have more language use it to  understand other  people's thoughts and feelings, and have better social skills. 

For Parents

Looking for a speech and

language therapist?

 Services can be in person or online.

For Professionals

Workshops for speech and language therapists and

educators in the early years.

Mentoring services 

International Speaker

Find out what I've got to say

I’ve learned so much from Lyndsey. She has a unique skill-set of being firmly rooted in evidence, captivating as a speaker,

and a state-of-the-art teacher.

What a winning combination.

Amy McConkey-Robbins

Speech and Language Pathologist, USA

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