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About Me

I love what I do. Graduating as a Speech and Language Therapist in 1998, I’ve spent 20 years learning about child development and supporting families to get better outcomes for their children. 


I got the best start professionally. Working for the UK NHS, in socially deprived areas.  I went on to specialise in hearing loss and early intervention, working for 6 years at a Cochlear Implant Programme.   The Ear Foundation gave me the opportunity to share my experience, to work with families alongside a professional training role that has taken me all over the world. 


I’ve had some great teachers. My work has given me access to international leaders in the field of child development, to learn from research and share it with others. And then there’s the children with their mums, dads, grandmas and uncles. Nothing shows you what works like putting it into action.


In 2016 the greatest teacher arrived, my daughter Eleanor. Now, I know what’s it’s like, to function on days you’re so tired you can’t think - and then get a smile that makes it all worth it. With an 11-year age gap at home, from youngest to oldest child, Eleanor and my 3 wonderful crazy stepchildren have provided plenty of learning over the years.


20 years of experience and knowledge acquisition has evolved into a distinct style when supporting language learning - THINK TALK & LEARN. Traditional speech and language approaches (also referred to as bored to death by picture cards) often miss these fundamental factors:

  1. Language acquisition is driven by developments in motor skill and cognition. ‘I learn the words in and out, when I can put things in and out and when I’m fascinated by the idea two things can occupy the same space’.

  2. Children who grow up in homes, where they are talked to as creative problem solvers, learn more language. And children who learn more language, can use this language to understand other people’s perspectives and have better social skills.

  3. From making breakfast to imaginative play, life is full of little problems to solve and things to talk about.

  4. Posting a picture card is boring to most children after the age of 3.


I’m now living my dream. Talking to and training professionals all around the globe, and delivering my distinct style of speech and language therapy to families local to Nottingham or via video call. I want all parents and professionals who work with children, to know simple things they can do that really make a difference. So I’m sharing my approach far and wide and creating a Youtube channel full of ideas and examples of activities.

"Lyndsey's remarkable insight informs the practical, evidence-based and family centred approaches that she develops. She employs frameworks, strategies, activities, and vocabulary to advance children's language, social and cognitive development"

Dr Tiffany Hutchins, Associate Professor 

Communication Sciences Disorders, University of Vermont


What's going on?



This photo was taken just after my keynote and the women holding my hands are mothers of children with cochlear implants. I collaborated writing the talk with the wonderful Dr Carolien Rieffe, her research focuses on social emotional skills for children with communication difficulties. ERICA stands for EMPATHY, RESILIENCE, IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY and ADAPTABILITY - abilities all children need for future sucess. 

AG BELL_edited.jpg




It's set to be 40 degrees outside and I'll be inside sharing ideas with an amazing group of people. 

Collaborating with the wonderful Frances Clarke from AVUK and my friend and mentor Elizabeth Tyszkiewicz, you'll find me running a workshop and delivering two talks - 5.5. hours in total. 

Can't wait!! (Did I mention I get Saturday to see beautiful Madrid too)

Think,Talk & Learn_VERTICAL_LOCKUP_TM-03

YouTube - it's time


make the most of life for language & learning

Six months ago, over dinner and a glass of wine - I had a crazy idea. Create a Youtube channel of videos to show parents how to get the most out of time with their young child, for language and for learning. No boring picture cards and without hours spent preparing activities. 

I've been lucky, friends have donated skills and knowledge to get me on my way. And then there's Eleanor, who's really made it all happen. This week I launch with 6 videos and plans for many more. Wish me luck.


Romania -

I think I love you


Supporting children with hearing loss

I'll be honest, Romania took me by surprise in a good way. A mixture of professionals and parents came together for an intensive programme in which we lived, ate and learnt together.  All with one aim - improve the outcomes for children with hearing loss.  The people were kind and passionate. And the country was simply beautiful. Romania - I think I love you.

BATOD article_edited.jpg



Information spotlight on: aids to hearing 

How we access information and learn is changing. Gone are the long instruction manuals in multiple languages, the ones we only open if our device breaks down. And in their place is the video - short, clear and on demand.

For a review of how hearing technology manufacturers are making the most of this, see the January edition of BATOD's magazine (the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf). 

Formal stuff

BSc Speech & Langauge Therapy (Honours)

Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Cert. Auditory Verbal Therapist

Guest reviewer: Journal Deafness & Education International

PRINCE 2 Project Manager accredited 

RCSLT image.jpeg


Hutchins., T. Allen., L & Schefer., M (2017) Using the Theory of Mind Inventory to Detect a Broad Range of Theory of Mind Challenges in Children with Hearing Loss: A Pilot Study Deafness & Education International (Published online 2017.01.23)

Allen, L. & Simpson Allen, J (2012) 

What can a parent and professional do in a home- based program when they do not have a lot of “therapy” toys? In W. Estabrooks (Ed.), 101 Frequently Asked Questions About Auditory - Verbal Practice (pp.93 -97) . Washington DC: The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

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