For children from birth into the early school years. I work at a consultant level in early years language development and in hearing loss.

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Showcasing the THINK TALK & LEARN approach, access to short on demand videos. 

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Speech & Language Therapy



I created THINK TALK & LEARN so parents and professionals see the potential of everyday life for language and learning. From making breakfast to imaginative play, life is full of little problems to solve and things to talk about. THINK TALK & LEARN acts as a functional framework for more traditional speech and language approaches. No more boring picture cards, no magic tricks. Just evidenced based strategies and activities you can easily incorporate into daily life.


Children from birth to early school years. They might have an isolated communication difficulty or it’s part of more global challenges, for example due to premature birth or Down's syndrome. I work at a consultant level in early years language development and in hearing loss.


"Lyndsey’s flexibility when working with Harry’s communication needs and her ability to help us get the right support, really gave us all the best start."

Sarah (Harry’s Mum), UK


  • Communicate wants and needs

  • Share ideas and problem solve

  • Speak clearly

  • Learn new words

  • Put sentences together

  • Use complex grammar in talking and writing

  • Have skills to make friends


I’ll gather as much information as I can, through written reports, conversations and formal or informal assessments. We’ll spend around 90 minutes together and you’ll leave the first session with a greater understanding of your child’s needs and with ideas and strategies that will help their communication skills progress. A one-page summary is provided, longer reports are available on request.



60 minute sessions might be monthly, every two weeks or on a 6-monthly review. Each programme is uniquely designed around the needs of your child and your family. My approach is family centred, that means siblings, grandparents and family friends are all welcome. I can also offer occasional visits to schools and nurseries.


Delivered in and around Nottingham or via video call, anywhere in the world. 

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Help your child to


Want to see strategies that support language development? Need some ideas to make the most of activities you do at home?

This ever growing series of videos will provide just that and more. You'll also hear from parents, so they can tell you what's worked for them and I'll get you access to the latest research from international leaders in the field. 

Have a question but can't find the answer? Let me know and I'll make a video for you!

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