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A theory into practice workshop for SLT’s and early years practitioners on narrative language development and imaginative role play.

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Greater London 10/07/2020


This is a theory into practice workshop. We’ll look at research on narrative language and imaginative play development, give you free assessment tools to monitor progress and lots of ideas on how to develop it.


Stories are important. The ones we know about ourselves, help us make sense of our past so we can plan our future. They require complex language skills, the ability to sequence events and explain cause and effect. For many children with communication difficulties, understanding and telling stories can be a real challenge which affects literacy.


When children are supported in dramatic role play, they create stories in their heads. They naturally practise this set of skills along with language to negotiate, plan, problem solve and think creatively.

Know how to guide children with communication difficulties using a wide range of themes, related to daily life and imagination (fantasy).




Describe from research how dramatic role play supports narrative language development

Apply a framework for imaginative role play to different themes

Identify appropriate language and communication goals for case studies

Formulate a plan for two children you support

"You've inspired me, challenged my thinking and my practice. I'm excited to go and try play and narrative ideas. Bring on the dog poo and plasters!"

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