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I mentor professionals around the globe to become LSLS Cert. AVT's (a hearing loss qualification) or to work in a THINK TALK & LEARN way.

Sessions take place over video call. Mentees are supported to change their practice through video feedback and guided learning.


Put simply, being mentored changed my life. And now I’m lucky enough to help others.

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For Professionals

Find out more about our training programme.  See the potential of conversation partners, everyday home or school routines and play based activities. From theory into real practice


THINK TALK & LEARN acts as a  functional framework to more traditional speech and language approaches. 

The latest research on how children naturally acquire language, provides the evidence base for its 6 defining principles. 


1.  Adults focus on the quality AND quantity of language modelled

2.  Adults use techniques and strategies known to support communication development



Pausing and waiting

Looking expectantly


Linguistic closure


3.  Activities always encourage conversational turn taking


4.  Activities consider the child’s language, cognitive and motor development level and make the most of naturally occurring daily routines

5.  Activities encourage perspective taking and emotional understanding

6.  We engage, guide and coach in a way that supports feelings of confidence and competence

TTL Prog


A speech and language therapist once said to me "we don't see the wood for the trees". We're trained to assess the components of communication, and because of this, we somehow forget what communication is for. We know WHAT to assess, but we don't always know HOW to help children develop it. 

This training gives you the HOW. Suitable for speech and language therapists or other professionals supporting children to develop language in the early years. The approach and activities are suitable for children from birth to early school years, who might have an isolated communication difficulty or when it’s part of a diagnosis such as down's syndrome. 


We won’t give you a bag of magic tricks and there’s no specially prepared picture cards. Just see the potential of conversation partners, everyday home or school routines and play based activities. From theory into real practice. 


I'm currently delivering a two day introductory training programme and busy planning an online version.  

For more information or to discuss how this approach could work for you GET IN TOUCH.

Mentoring Professionals

I'm a qualified Listening and Spoken Language Certified Auditory Verbal Therapist (or LSLS Cert. AVT for short, and it really does need a short). 


To get this qualification, I was mentored  for 3 years. The mentor guides learning on child development across 9 domains of knowledge. I watched others deliver therapy and got regular feedback on mine. To qualify you then need to pass an exam. 


The experience of being mentored changed my professional life. I got to look and reflect on my practice, to fill in knowledge gaps and to really make a difference to children and families I support.  

I now mentor others, these are professionals working towards LSLS Cert. AVT (a hearing loss speciality) or others who just want to change their practice towards a THINK TALK & LEARN way. 

Usually monthly, mentoring takes place over video call and through video exchange. It can be for one or two sessions, or over years.

Want to know more? GET IN TOUCH

Mentee Hall Of Fame

Birthe Hyldgaard Klausen - Teacher in Special Education DENMARK

Completed January 2018, LSLS CERT AVT 

Lilian Borregaard - Teacher in Special Education DENMARK

Completed January 2018, LSLS CERT AVT 


Yogita Braviskar - Speech & Language Pathologist INDIA


"Lyndsey is such a good mentor, she explains difficult things in a way I can really understand and I leave every session full of ideas

of things to try."

Yogita Braviskar - Speech & Language Pathologist, INDIA

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